Collection: Tom Butler

Tom Butler is an English painter known for his contemporary urban landscapes. After training as an illustrator at Swansea University (graduating in 2000) Tom painted semi-professionally combining his time between his own painting and decorating business and his art.

His early illustrative training informs all his work which is highly figurative and depicts places he has remembered or imagined.

Butler has painted some of the world’s great cities attracted to their sense of space and drama: London, New York, Venice, Paris, Havana and Dubai.

Combining his illustrator’s eye for graphic representation with a Modernist twist using mixed media and found ephemera: magazines, newspapers and other materials.

He often employs a specialist collage system, Lasertran, to transfer photocopied materials onto his works. This bricolage allows him to indulge his love of texture and typography in his original paintings and limited edition prints.