Collection: Philip Gray

Philip was born in Cork, Ireland, in 1959, his love of art started early and one of his earliest memories is being tutored in art at the age of five by a family friend Trevor Scott the founder of the renowned College of Art and Design based in Dublin.

Aged 16, Philip left school and joined the Irish Navy and trained to be a naval diver, Once established as a naval diver, he began to paint at sea and soon became prolific and it was here that Philip’s two great passions for exploration, discovery and art where forged.

After 17 years in the Navy, and with much encouragement from his wife and family, Philip relinquished his naval career and took the bold step of setting up on his own as an artist.

His 'extreme art', painted in unexpected, often dangerous locations, has won him a unique reputation as an artist and adventurer; Everest base Camp, 60 feet beneath the surface of shark infested waters, the rainforest of Borneo, deep in the caves and atop the volcanoes of Iceland, …his expeditions are legendary, and his innovative artwork has won him a unique position in the international art world.

His success was such that he has since become one of Ireland’s most celebrated living artists. His powerful Original Paintings, Pastels and Collectable Editions have won him an impressive range of awards, media coverage and celebrity collectors from Bill Clinton and George W Bush to Dolly Parton.

Philip says: “I have a great love of the sea, born out of experiencing the joy and freedom of the ocean wave, above and below the surface. I spent 17 years as an Irish navy diver. I still feel that as I lean over the side of a ship heading towards a new destination and distant horizon that the ocean is speaking to me with a thousand words and a thousand visions.”