Jessie Foakes Q & A

Kim Kay

Posted on March 12 2021

Bursting onto the U.K art scene is tattoo artist Jessie Foakes with her unique take on still life. With subject matter ranging from the classic Campbell's Soup tin to trendy trainers, from iconic Disney characters to love-it-or-hate-it Marmite. We are thrilled to have Jessie's work on display throughout our gallery and café and we predict they won't be on our walls for very long before finding new homes! 

We got in touch with Jessie to ask her a few questions which she admits to never having done before! She certainly fooled us with answers like these...

Quick Fire Questions:
Tea or Coffee? coffee
Sweet or savoury? sweet
Favourite ever meal? curry
Go-to studio snack? crisps
Favourite song/artist? I cant answer that!!
Favourite Movie/ series? Pretty Woman is up there

Describe the average day in the life of Jessie Foakes…
Hmmm I would probably describe it as being like a goat.. here, there and everywhere! I’m up to all sorts, I can’t sit still! The only thing I can concentrate on is drawing, painting or tattooing…the rest is lost on me.
How would you describe your studio environment? Is your workspace tidy, is there music playing ect?…
I was painting in our private tattoo studio, I had my artwork everywhere but with structure. I like my space super tidy. We now have the art studio in the spare bedroom.. every time I start a new piece I like it to be clean and ready to go, the only thing that’s messy are my clothes and the worktop. My mood depends on what I may be listening to.. its easy for me to whack the radio on and go from there, it saves me having to pick something. I also love silence-either or, I’m pretty easy.
What inspired you to paint still life?
I love objects , I’m used to tattooing and I’ve always loved working with shapes/objects because there’s so much you can do with them as long as the resemblance is still there.
What is your advice for painting still life?
Go wild.. have fun with it and be super loose. There’s no right or wrong. As I say, as long as it resembles the subject matter, then run a muck!
What is currently on your easel?
I currently have a mash up of tobacco and relish. I’ve put the two on one board – if it works or not who knows!..
Do you have a favourite object/subject matter to paint?
Hmmmm that’s a hard one, im so early on in my painting journey that im not sure! Actually that’s a lie! Trainers I love painting them!
What exciting projects can we expect from you in the future?
Well this is only the start for me.. bigger projects ill be game for.. mashing objects together could be fun too!..time will tell.
Is there anything interesting or surprising that people may not know about you?
I wish I could rap… Ive told some of my clients this already, I have even got my self a name – Jessie Gold Chains, I would wear Adidas shell toe tracksuits and make music about going food shopping and everyday life. Ive got it all sussed haha! 



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