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Gallery Gifts at Evergreen Art Café

In addition to the original art and limited edition prints and sculptures available to buy online from our 'View Art' section on this website, we also have a range of food and art gifts in the gallery. We don't offer these smaller items for sale on the website so take a look at a selection of these items shown here and Visit Evergreen to browse the full range.

Come and visit Evergreen

to browse our complete collection of gallery gifts and maybe enjoy a coffee, lunch or afternoon tea in our café while you're here...

Gifts Vouchers from Evergreen Art Café

Evergreen Art Café Gift Vouchers

Looking for the perfect gift for an art lover or foodie but not sure which piece to go for? Don't worry, they can choose it themselves with our Evergreen Art Café Gift Vouchers!

JME Food Gifts from Jamie Oliver available to buy at Evergreen Art Café

Jme Food Gifts

Jme is a collection of beautiful foods made by Jamie Oliver and the Jme team in collaboration with some amazing artisans and small-scale food producers.

Oils & Vinegars from Vinegar Tips

Oils & Vinegars

We've got a fabulous selection of artisan Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Sweet English Vinegars on display in the gallery. They make the perfect gift for foodies and come in a wonderful range of tempting flavours - all 100% natural - no artificial flavours or preservatives.

Evergreen Art Café stocks Tea Pigs Tea

Teapigs Tea Infusions

Teapigs is a speciality tea company that only uses whole tea leaves in their famous mesh bags known as 'tea temples'. We only serve teapigs tea in the café and you can buy your favourite infusion to enjoy at home.

We also sell our blend of coffee!

Evergreen Art Café Coffee Blend

We only use freshly ground coffee beans in the café to make our own special blend of Evergreen Coffee served in the café and you can purchase a pack of this unique blend to enjoy at home.

Beefayre GiftsBeefayre Gifts

Beefayre Gifts

Inspired by nature and the plight of the honeybee all beefayre products are made in the UK using only natural ingredients. Organic soaps, hand creams, scented candles and infusers and are just a small selection of these wonderful products.